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Squidoode's The DOODE RDA represents the culmination of a long engineering and design project of one of our industry's most respected builders that has resulted in what is quite possibly the most innovative and builder friendly build deck ever created. Measuring 24mm in diameter, The DOODE squeezes in a large 22.75mm diameter build deck that allows for the accommodation of even the most demanding builds. The DOODE RDA implements the first Collet Post Assembly system, presenting users a unique and ultra effective way to mount and secure coils. Each The DOODE RDA includes four different sized pairs of Collet Inserts, measuring from 1.3mm to 3.0mm, which are then mounted into both posts. The user's coil leads are then inserted into the Collet Insert, which is tightened with the included wrench, clamping around the coil in a consistent and secure manner. This design provides superior conductivity and connectivity by tightening around the entire coil lead itself versus a traditional one sided tension applied method, resulting in more consistent connection. The entire Collet Post Assembly is manufactured out of brass, then gold plated to ensure great conductivity. Additionally, spacing of the two posts measures 12mm in distance, allowing for wide body coil configurations to be comfortably mounted within the deck. Airflow of The DOODE features an adjustable stacked dual slotted design, with the top 7.5mm by 2.5mm airslot providing horizontal airflow entry while the beveled 12mm by 1.5mm bottom airslot lifts airflow up into the build chamber at an angle. Working in tandem, The DOODE's airflow system provides an incredibly smooth and efficient experience. With one of the most ambitious and successfully executed build decks to ever hit the market coupled with an optimized airflow system in a stylish chassis, Squidoode's The DOODE RDA has a legitimate claim as the most builder orientated platform available today.

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